SIX was founded in Bournemouth, and is now based in Sheffield. SIX supports emerging and established practitioners both nationally and overseas.

SIX seeks out and actively encourages the exercise of good practice, experimentation, enquiry, and research. We value quality over quantity, the experimental over commercial; our main priority is to nourish the practice.

SIX will continue to maintain a welcoming and professional forum for practitioners to present their ideas and work in order to gain objective feedback.

SIX will facilitate a number of residencies, at the SIX house, encouraging art at its most exploratory.

SIX will document studio visits though the use of audio and video broadcasts, promoting and engaging with a wider audience.

SIX has built a strong and friendly community. One which is both intellectually and contextually confident whilst still open to public opinion. Our primary purpose is to support good making. To support all individuals and collectives who wish to exercise their own potential and to inspire and influence others.