Artists: Ytenebev, Tom Moon, Theresa Bruno, Thaires Vincentini, Stephen Coles, Hanna Grace, Grace White, George Baggley, Bevis Fenner, Alison Summers-Bell, Andy Walders
Curator: Bevis Fenner
Dates: 27.07.13-02.03.13
FROUTE is a conceptual drawing project focusing on the relationship between objects and geographic spaces. The project takes as its starting point the mundane subject matter of fruit and uses colour as a means of selection and categorisation.

The project will be based at SIX project space in Bournemouth and will take place over a 6 day period from the 19th – 24th July, in which a rota of artist contributors will explore the relationship between objects, drawing / artistic engagement and localised geographic spaces.

Upon entering SIX project space, each artist will take a coloured card at random from a tombola. The colour of the card will then determine the colour of fruit that the artist must seek in the shops and markets of the Boscombe area. Artists are free to interpret the concept of fruit in as literally or as freely as they like. Each artist must not only obtain items of ‘fruit’ of the chosen colour but also document the journey to and from the place of purchase / discovery. This can be done through any number of media and processes for example: drawing, photography, sculpture, found objects, map-making, audio recording, video or the written word. Furthermore, the artists must also respond the fruit in situ either by documentation or some other means, and then produce a drawing of each item upon their return to the project space. Each artist will then add all documentation and drawings to the walls of the gallery space, interacting with each other’s contributions to produce an evolving installation.