Artists: Giorgio Sadotti
Title: Sing to Remember
Dates: 04.04.14 – 27.04.14
Richard Goldstein’s paperback book ‘The Poetry of Rock’ first published in 1969 acts as an archive, a source of information or inspirational catalyst for this exhibition.
It is as it’s title suggests a printed chronological compilation of rock music lyrics; from ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Music’ by Chuck Berry 1957, ‘Baby Love’ 1965 written for The Supremes by Holland Dozier & Holland and several other rock ‘poems’, through to the appropriately titled ‘The End’ by The Doors from 1967.
A sound compilation or musical collage in temporal order of a selection of the featured songs has been produced with the sung lyric’s that exist in printed form in the book (the ‘poems’ in question) removed, so rendering the once textual music in a non-textual and non-contextual manner. So wordless instrumental versions of the originals have been created, strung together with the gaps of silence created by the taking out of the voice closed, in order to make a continuous chain reaction wall of sound. An unbroken nostalgic rock musical time line where sixteen years pass in minutes. Language free, the music can live again, without the burden of meaning.
Song sheets that feature the independent poetic lyrics are also present, as a way to reintroduce the aurally absent but refashioned words to their respective sound partners.