Richard Paul

Richard Paul

Artists: Richard Paul
Title: Sea of Green (The Enunciation of Images)
Dates: 29.11.13 – 08.12.13
SIX projects presents Sea of Green (The Enunciation of Images), a 3D video slideshow by Richard Paul for 3D TV.

Sea of Green (The Enunciation of Images), takes its title from a 1945 Time magazine editorial that described the aftermath of the Trinity Nuclear Tests in New Mexico, in which silica in the desert sand was turned into green liquid by the great heat from the blast. Sea of Green (The Enunciation of Image) concerns the transformation of material: from liquid to solid, solid to liquid, and the odd, almost fugitive physicality of the 3D image.

Featured in the video slideshow are found 1950s stereo (3D) slides depicting chocolate, furniture room-sets and opticians’ stereoscopic viewing tests alongside Paul’s own studio still lives. Voices instruct as to the proper pronunciation of words and sounds, but the conjunction of sound and image (as in yolk/yoke) expresses the limitations of the spoken word. Conversely, the emphasis on mimetic relationships between the images undermines their original intention as informational and transparent. Although not depicted, Harold Edgerton’s images of milk splashes and mushroom clouds hover at the edge of the viewer’s consciousness.

An earlier version of Sea of Green (The Enunciation of Images) premiered in New York in September this year as part of Paul’s solo exhibition You Might Find Yourself at Theodore Art, Brooklyn. For SIX Projects, Paul has re-edited the piece and over-laid cut-up elements of Carl Orff’s Music For Children (Schulwerk).

Richard Paul lives and works in London. His work has been shown most recently at Annely Juda Gallery, London; XO Gallery, Leeds; The Russian Club Gallery, London; Trade Gallery, Nottingham; Blank Gallery, Brighton; Cabin On Gallery, Oslo, Norway; Walden Affairs, Den Haag, Netherlands. He is Senior Lecturer, BA Photography at the Arts University, Bournemouth.