Artists: Nicola Will, Rachel Larkins, Sarah Grace Harris
Title: Palimpsest
Date: 12.01.16 – 17.01.16
“If you remember the pleasure of hearing a story many times, and you will remember that while you were listening you become three people. There is an incredible fusion: you become the storyteller, the protagonist, and you remember yourself listening to the story.”
― Marina Warner from the Beast to the Blonde: On Fairy Tales and Their Tellers
Palimpsest is a collection of narratives distinctly separate yet layered and woven together through the close relationships of the three artists. Each has influenced and inspired the other and collectively shared the journey.

Nicola Will

Life is full of imperfection.

Objects exist as physical links to the past and can express feelings or ideas in palpable form. We draw comfort from being surrounded by ‘things’ as much as we gain release by divesting ourselves of the negative or painful associations.

Things get passed from one to another, by chance or through meaningful exchange. These connections are part of the magic; the associations, imperfections and physical signs of a past existence.

The selections of objects that form the collection from which this work is made are personal and meaningful. Imagined histories, and layers of imperfect moments are represented through textiles, print and mixed media. Stories are overwritten patched and repaired to disguise the flaws; poignant memories are repeated until the ugliness dissipates.

Sarah Grace Harris
‘It is of the essence of life that it does not begin here or end there, or connect a point of origin with a final destination, but rather that it keeps on going, finding a way through the myriad of things that form, persist and break up in its currents. Life, in short, is a movement of opening, not of closure.’

Tim Ingold – Being Alive: Essays on Movement, Knowledge and Description

This work is a collection of transient ‘bits and pieces’ collected from a Victorian house that was about to be demolished. By piecing together fragments from the house and documenting found objects, a portrait has been constructed to reflect the ephemerality of the space and lives lived within these walls.

Sarah is a collector. She collects objects and ephemera along with a plethora of related stories some truth some imagined narrative. The subsequent weaving of these elements together takes many forms from books, drawing, video, lists and constructed forms.