Artists: Sarah Grace Harris
Title: Document
Date: 25.05.16 – 04.06.16
Document is an investigation into how we approach documenting – whether it be a life, an object, an event or our memories.
What does it mean to document something?
How many different ways are there to document?
Why do we feel the need to document?
Using her own family’s ephemera as a resource she has been exploring these questions. Sifting through suitcases of possessions, some hidden away for up to ten years untouched, she has been considering what is important, what is useful and what defines a person? Is the physicality of an object important in remembering or is a simple image enough to evoke a time, person or place? Who is the process of documenting for, what purpose does it have? Through confronting these questions she will seek to decide ‘what will remain’.
This is a re-visited body of work first explored as a residency at SIX project space, Bournemouth 2014. It is particularly apt to be shown in Sheffield as many of the objects she is working with originate from the area so essentially are coming home.